HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Changing the Oracle host name, port, or database name

About this task

If you need to change the Oracle host name, port, or database name, you can normally manage the change within Oracle. This is because WebSphere Application Server points at the Oracle service where these items are defined. See the Oracle documentation for information on how to change them.

However, the properties that you are changing might be defined in <WAS_profile_path>/properties/TWSConfig.properties, where WAS_profile_path corresponds to the WebSphere Application Server profile path you specified at installation time. The default path is TWA_home/WAS/TWSprofile. In this case you must ensure that they are changed here, as well. The properties in question are:
com.ibm.tws.dao.rdbms.rdbmsName = ORACLE 
com.ibm.tws.dao.rdbms.modelSchema = <TWS_Oracle_User>
com.ibm.tws.dao.rdbms.eventRuleSchema = <TWS_Oracle_User>
com.ibm.tws.dao.rdbms.logSchema = <TWS_Oracle_User>