HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Migrating data from DB2 to Oracle and vice versa

This section applies to HCL Workload Automation master domain managers and its backup. It documents how to migrate the HCL Workload Automation data from one RDBMS to another.

There are two ways to accomplish the migration. You can use either way to migrate your data from DB2® to Oracle or vice versa.
Parallel data migration
The migration is between two instances of HCL Workload Automation, one that uses DB2 while the other uses Oracle.
The database is migrated from one RDBMS support mechanism to another, and HCL Workload Automation instance is re-configured to point to a different database without installing another instance.
Note: Neither of these procedures migrate the following information from the source database:
  • The preproduction plan
  • The history of job runs and job statistics
  • The state of running event rule instances. This means that any complex event rules, where part of the rule has been satisfied prior to the database migration, are generated after the migration as new rules. Even if the subsequent conditions of the event rule are satisfied, the record that the first part of the rule was satisfied is no longer available, so the rule will never be completely satisfied.