HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


Writes in an editable format the information contained in the compiled and encrypted security file. The output file can be edited and then used as input for the makesec command which compiles and activates the modified security settings.


You must have display access to the security file and write permission in the TWA_home/TWS directory from where the command must be run.


dumpsec –v | –u

dumpsec security_file [> output_file]


If no arguments are specified, the operational security file is sent to stdout. To create an editable copy of the security file, redirect the output of the command to an output file, using the redirect symbol.


Displays command version information only.
Displays command usage information only.
Specifies the name of the security file to dump.
[> output_file]
Specifies the name of the output file, If omitted, the security file is output to the stdout.


The following command dumps the operational security file (TWA_home/TWS/Security) to a file named mysec:
dumpsec > mysec
The following command dumps a security file named sectemp to stdout:
dumpsec sectemp