HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Entering passwords

About this task

Password security is handled as follows:
Password entered in useropts file
You type the connection password into the useropts file in unencrypted form. When you access the interface for the first time it is encrypted. This is the preferred method.
Password entered in the parameter file used by the command
You type the connection password into the parameter file in unencrypted form. It is not encrypted by using the command. Delete the file after use to ensure password security.
Password entered using the -password parameter in the command
You type the password in the command string in unencrypted form. It remains visible in the command window until you clear the command window contents.
Note: On Windows workstations, when you specify a password that contains double quotation marks (") or other special characters, make sure that the character is escaped. For example, if your password is tws11"tws, write it as "tws11\"tws" in useropts.