HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Network Traffic

Network traffic is unchanged under normal conditions, but is increased during the replay phase, according to your choice and only under special conditions.

The replay phase is an essential part of the processing performed by the switchmgr command. It occurs when the new domain manager processes its Symphony file against its copies of the messages received, as it attempts to update its copy of the Symphony file.

Under normal conditions, the outbound reliability does not create any additional network traffic, because the messages are only stored for an eventual replay operation. The multiple inbound connections do not generate additional traffic because the traffic that was previously copied by the domain manager to the FullStatus member is now copied to the FullStatus members directly by the fault-tolerant agents.

During the replay phase, the connection protocol initiated by mailman on the backup domain manager includes a new phase for the replay of messages not sent by the failed domain manager. The impact of the message replay might be important, depending on the number of messages "trapped" in the old domain manager.