HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Determining internal Symphony table size

The mailman service (2002) can optionally take a parameter that determines the initial size of the internal Symphony table. If you do not supply this parameter, mailman calculates the initial table size based on the number of records in the file.
Note: Mailman expands the table if it needs to, even if this parameter is not supplied.
In normal circumstances, leave mailman to take the default value in the NetConf file as supplied (32000). However, if you are experiencing problems with memory, you can allocate a table that is initially smaller. To do this you change the parameter to the service 2002 in the NetConf file. The syntax for the entry is:
2002     son     bin/mailman [ -parm <number> ]
where, <number> is used to calculate the initial Symphony table size based on the number of records in the Symphony file.
If r is the number of records in the Symphony file when batchman starts, Table 1 shows how the size of the internal Symphony table is calculated, depending on the value of <number>:
Table 1. Calculation of internal Symphony table
Value of <number> Table size
0 (4/3r) + 512

if n > r, n
if n <= r, (4/3r) + 512

-1 65535

if +n => r, n
if +n < r, r + 512

If during the production period you add more jobs, the maximum internal Symphony table size is increased dynamically, up to the maximum number of records allowed in the Symphony file, which is 2,000,000,000.