HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Local UNIX access method running on fault-tolerant agents only

The Local UNIX method can be used to define multiple HCL Workload Automation workstations on one workstation: the host workstation and one or more extended agents. When HCL Workload Automation sends a job to a local UNIX extended agent, the access method, unixlocl, is invoked by the host to run the job. The method starts by running the standard configuration script on the host workstation (<TWA_home>/TWS/jobmanrc). If the logon user of the job is permitted to use a local configuration script and the script exists as $HOME/TWS/.jobmanrc, the local configuration script is also run. The job itself is then run either by the standard or the local configuration script. If neither configuration script exists, the method starts the job.

The launching of the configuration scripts, jobmanrc and .jobmanrc is configurable in the method script. The method runs the configuration scripts by default, if they exist. To disable this feature, you must comment out a set of lines in the method script. For more information, examine the script file <TWA_home>/TWS/methods/unixlocl on the extended agent's host.