HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Monitor Critical Jobs

Create a URL by specifying the BrowseCriticalJobs action, as described in Creating a basic URL.

You can also specify any of the following filters:
Filter by the workstation on which the job runs.
Filter by the job stream that contains the jobs.
Filter by the job name.
Filter by the job scheduled time.
Specify the number of columns that you want to display in your result table. If not specified, the default number of columns for this query is shown. Supported values are:
Display a minimum set of columns
Display all columns
is a parameter used for z/OS® only.
It is the Dashboard Application Services Hub context root defined at installation time. The context root determines the URL of a deployed application and by default is identical with the application directory or archive structure. In this case, the default is ibm/console.