HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Network processes

Netman is started by the StartUp script (command). The order of process creation is netman, mailman, batchman, and jobman. On standard agent workstations, batchman does not run. All processes, except jobman, run as the TWS user. Jobman runs as root.

When network activity begins, netman receives requests from remote mailman processes. Upon receiving a request, netman creates a writer process and passes the connection off to it. Writer receives the message and passes it to the local mailman. The writer processes (there might be more than one on a domain manager) are started by link requests and are stopped by unlink requests (or when the communicating mailman terminates).

Domain managers, including the master domain manager, can communicate with a large number of agents and subordinate domain managers. For improved efficiency, you can define mailman servers on a domain manager to distribute the communications load (see the section that explains how to manage workstations in the database in the HCL Workload Automation: User's Guide and Reference).
Figure 1. Process creation on domain manager and fault-tolerant agent
Graphic showing how processes are created between domain managers and fault-tolerant agents, by writer and mailman (as described in the preceding paragraphs).

The StartUp command is normally run automatically, but can also be run manually, as follows: