HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Action 2 - change password used by command-line clients to access the master domain manager

About this task

If you have changed the password of the WebSphere Application Server user that command-line clients use to connect to the master domain manager, the connection parameters must be updated.

Follow this procedure:
  1. Identify all systems that have a command line client remote connection defined with the master domain manager
  2. On these workstations, open the user options files (one for each user). The default file name is <User_home>/.TWS/useropts, but if you have more than one instance of HCL Workload Automation on a system, you might have implemented separate user options files to make separate connections, in which case consult the useropts key in the localopts file on each instance to determine the name of the specific useropts file for that instance.
  3. For each file, locate the password key (encrypted) and change its value to that of the new password in plain text, enclosed in double quotation marks. The password is saved in clear, but will be encrypted at first logon of the User ID.
  4. Save the files.
  5. Check if the following file exists: <Root_home>/.TWS/useropts. If it does, change the password in the same way.