HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Action 6 - update SOAP properties

About this task

After the password of the WebSphere Application Server administration user has been modified, it is important to change the SOAP client properties using the updateWas.sh/.bat script (see Application server - updating the SOAP properties after changing the WebSphere Application Server user or its password for full details). For example:
updateWas.sh -user john.smith@domain.com -password zzzz 
where the user and password options are optional and represent the user that is authorized to stop the WebSphere Application Server.
Alternatively, you can supply a credentials file containing the new credentials. The contents of the file specified are parsed to locate the credentials and then the soap.client.props file is updated with the new credentials. The following is the usage for the updateWas.sh script:
updateWas(-credentialfile filepath | -user username -password password)
The format of the credentials file is as follows:

Stop and restart WebSphere Application Server using the stopappserver and startappserver commands to make the change effective.