HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Too many file dependency checks

Each file dependency check has an impact on performance. If you design a plan that is constantly checking many file dependencies, you reduce the performance of the workstation where these jobs are being run.

If multiple “opens” files are being used as a dependency, use the “–a” (and) option. For example, to check if three home directories /tom, /dick, and /harry exist, before launching myjob issue the following:
job2 opens "/users" (-d %p/tom -a -d %p/dick -a -d %p/harry)
This checks for all three directories at the same time, instead of looking for each directory separately.

Other factors that impact performance when evaluating file dependencies are the bm check parameters in the localopts file. These are documented in the Planning and Installation in the chapter about customization.