HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Configuring security roles for users and groups

At Dynamic Workload Console installation time, new predefined roles and groups are created in Integrated Solutions Console. These roles determine which Dynamic Workload Console windows are available to a user, and therefore which activities the user is authorized to perform from the Dynamic Workload Console. If you do not assign a role to a Integrated Solutions Console user, that user does not see any entry for dynamic workload broker in the navigation tree. Access to the entries in the navigation tree does not mean that the user can access product functions. There is a second level of authorization, which is determined by a set of security roles created at master domain manager installation time in WebSphere Application Server. These roles define the levels of authorization needed to perform product functions regardless of the interface used.

You must therefore map the users and roles in WebSphere Application Server to match the users and roles defined in the Integrated Solutions Console so that communication between the Dynamic Workload Console and the dynamic workload broker instance is ensured. This procedure is described in Mapping security roles to users and groups in WebSphere Application Server