HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Sharing a settings repository

How to share a settings repository on multiple Dynamic Workload Console instances.

Before you begin

To perform this task you must have the TWSWEBUIAdministrator role.


  1. Ensure that all the Dynamic Workload Console instances that are to share the same settings repository, also use the same user registry.
  2. From the Dynamic Workload Console, click Settings > Manage Settings.
  3. In the same panel, click Configure Settings Repository > Use database as settings repository to specify that settings must be saved in the database instead of a local file.
  4. In the Database Settings section, specify the credentials required to connect to the database:
    Share repository settings
  5. Optionally, you can test the connection to ensure that you can connect to the database.
  6. Save the new configuration to create the db.properties file in the <JazzSM_profile_dir>/registry directory, by default, this is /opt/HCL/JazzSM/profile/registry.
  7. On the first Dynamic Workload Console that you configure, click Initialize Database to initialize it. You can click Initialize Database to erase and re-create the database anytime, losing the saved user preferences.
    Note: All the Dynamic Workload Console instances that must be synchronized, must switch to DB2 configuration. If you switch one Dynamic Workload Console, you must also switch all the others.


As a result, all user settings are saved in the database, shared by all the Dynamic Workload Console instances, and all the operations involving user settings are run against this settings repository.