HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Switching a domain manager

Use one of these procedures when you have a short-term loss of a domain manager.
Using the command line
See the procedure described under the switchmgr command in the HCL Workload Automation: User's Guide and Reference.
Using the Dynamic Workload Console
  1. Launch the Dynamic Workload Console
  2. Connect to the engine of the current domain manager
  3. From the navigation bar, click System Status and Health > Environment Monitoring > Monitor Workstations.
  4. Select a task to monitor workstations.
  5. Select the workstation you want to become the domain manager
  6. From the table containing the list of workstations, select a workstation and click More Actions > Become Master Domain Manager.
  7. Click OK.

Domain managers remain switched until you perform another switch manager operation, or run JnextPlan. To return to the original domain manager without running JnextPlan, repeat this procedure.