HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Application server - using the utilities that change the properties

This section documents a common procedure that you are advised to follow when using the following utilities:
  • changeDataSourceProperties
  • changeHostProperties
  • changeSecurityProperties
To avoid the risk of changing a configuration value inadvertently, you should follow a procedure that creates a file containing the current properties, edit it to the values you require, and apply the changes. The details are as follows:
  1. Log on to the computer where HCL Workload Automation is installed as the following user:
    Any user in the Administrators group.
  2. Access the directory: <TWA_home>/wastools
  3. Stop the WebSphere Application Server using the conman stopappserver command (see Starting and stopping the application server and appservman)
  4. From that same directory run the following script to create a file containing the current properties:
    show<property_type>Properties.sh > my_file_name
    show<property_type>Properties.bat > my_file_name
    where <property_type> is one of the following:
    • DataSource
    • Host
    • Security
  5. Edit my_file_name with a text editor. Check the start of the file. The command might have written a message from the application server (WASX7357I:) at the beginning of the file. Delete this message.
  6. Change the value of the configuration parameters, according to your requirements. You do not need to supply all of the parameters in the file.
  7. Save the file my_file_name.
  8. Run the script:
    change<property_type>Properties.bat my_file_name
    change<property_type>Properties.sh my_file_name
    where <property_type> is the same as used in step 4, and my_file_name is the fully qualified path of the file containing the new parameters.

    The properties are updated, according to the rules given in the descriptions of each property type.

  9. Start the WebSphere Application Server using the conman startappserver command (see Starting and stopping the application server and appservman)
  10. Check that the change has been implemented in HCL Workload Automation.