HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Verifying a successful High Availability configuration

Use the information in this topic to verify that your Dynamic Workload Console High Availability configuration is working correctly once you have added all nodes and enabled server-to-server trust.

About this task

This task allows you to confirm the following functions are working correctly:
  • The database used for your High Availability configuration is properly created and initialized.
  • Every node in the configuration uses the database as its repository instead of its own local file system.
  • Server-to-server trust is properly enabled between nodes.

To verify your High Availability configuration:


  1. Ensure that each Dynamic Workload Console instance on every node is running.
  2. In a browser, log into one node, create a new View and save your changes.
  3. Log into the remaining nodes and verify that the newly created view is available in each one.