HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

LFTALOGS IBM i environment variable

About this task

The NOSTDLIST keyword option setting that works at job level might not be appropriate if you have a workload where the jobs produce many different spool file types that you need to exclude from the agent report when it consists of large spool files or includes security data. In these cases, you can use an option that works at IBM i agent level for any job to be submitted.

This option is based on the use of the IBM i system variable LFTALOGS. It forces the IBM i agent to ignore any spool file or, at least, include one or more of them. On the IBM i agent , you must create a new system level environment variable named LFTALOGS and set it to the value NONE to ignore any spool file. Or, you can set it to a list of the spool file types that are to be included. The list must begin with the “SPOOLS:” token as described below.

To force the IBM i agent to ignore any spool file, you must create the LFTALOGS variable as follows.
In this case, any HCL Workload Automation joblog report for the IBM i agent is reduced to the Header Trailer report.
To allow the IBM i agent to include only the QPRINT and the QPJOBLOG spool file types, that is, any spool files produced by “printf” instructions inside any ILE-C program and any produced joblog, you must create the LFTALOGS as follows.
For any VALUE parameter set to an incorrect string, the IBM i agent will ignore the LFTALOGS environment variable option. When required, the LFTALOGS value can be changed with the CHGENVVAR system command. Both creation and change of the LFTALOGS environment variable can be done with the IBM iagent active, but with no workload activity.