HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Netman configuration file

The Netconf file defines the services provided by the HCL Workload Automation Netman process. The services are as follows:

Start a writer process to handle incoming messages.
Start TWS.
Stop TWS.
Find and return a standard list (stdlist) file to the requesting Console Management client.
The following is a listing of the files installed by HCL Workload Automation. Consult Customer Support before making any changes in this file.
2001 client /qsys.lib/qtws.lib/writer.pgm
2002 son    /qsys.lib/qtws.lib/mailman.pgm -parm 32000
2003 client /qsys.lib/qtws.lib/qstopsrv.pgm
2004 slinet /qsys.lib/qtws.lib/scribner.pgm