HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Installing the Cluster Administrator extension

About this task

Install this component only if you want to edit the properties directly from Cluster Administrator console.

If you do not install the Cluster Administration extension, the Parameters tab (see Figure 1). is not available. To modify ITWSWorkstation cluster resource parameters, you will have to change these properties using the cluster.exe system utility.

Install the Cluster Administrator extension on any computer where the Cluster Administrator console will be used.

Use the following procedure to install a new Cluster Administrator extension:
  1. Copy the ITWSWorkstationEx.dll and the ITWSExInst.cmd files from the <TWS_HOME>\cluster directory into the directory where you want to install the Administrator Extension. You can use the default directory for the cluster: \%systemRoot%\cluster.
  2. Double click on ITWSExInst.cmd, or run it from a command shell to install the Administrator Extension.