HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Cluster resource dependencies

One of the most important steps when running HCL Workload Automation in the Windows cluster environments is to verify that the dependencies have been set correctly.

To ensure HCL Workload Automation works correctly, the HCL Workload Automation cluster resource instance has to depend on the following resource types:
  • IP Address
  • Physical Disk
  • Network Name
as shown in the following example on Windows Server 2008
Figure 1. Resource Dependencies tab (Windows Server 2008)

You can decide to add more dependencies to ensure HCL Workload Automation launches jobs only after a given service is available. This happens when HCL Workload Automation schedules jobs that prerequisite other cluster aware applications. For example, to ensure the SQL job is launched only after the cluster aware relational database is available, add a dependency from the relational database cluster resource to the HCL Workload Automation cluster resource.