HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Customize the desktop name so that it is reused

About this task

When Jobmon opens a desktop, it allocates a unique name to the desktop, ensuring that a different desktop is created for each agent. However, if it creates the desktop using the name of a desktop already open, that process will open inside the existing desktop. To avoid this, you need to customize the name that Jobmon uses when it creates its desktop. By using the same name for all agents, each instance of Jobmon opens in the same desktop.

To ensure that this option is effective, the supplied name must be the same for at least two of the agents installed. The more agents that are run using the same shared desktop, the more memory will be available for desktop creation. However, if too many agents use the same shared desktop, there might be an impact on the ability of Windows to manage the jobs running in the shared desktop correctly. In this case, you might want to make a compromise. For example, if you had four agents installed on the same computer, you could choose to have pairs of agents share the same desktop.

The solution is implemented as follows:
  • For agents installed with version 9.4, or later, this change is achieved by using the optional installation parameter –sharedDesktop. If you add this option without an argument, the installation applies the default name of TWS_JOBS_WINSTA. Otherwise supply your own name, for example, –sharedDesktop name="my windows desktop name".

    See twsClusterAdm command with examples of usage for how to do it.

  • For agents being installed at earlier versions, or agents already installed, make the change manually. See Modify localopts to supply a shared desktop name for how to do it.