HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Error 1314 taking online the resource and the Workstation does not link

The problem could be related to the rights of the cluster administrator. To check this:
  1. Open the cluster log file (cluster.log) located in the \%systemRoot%\cluster folder.
  2. Look for the strings containing ITWSWorkstation. These are the messages logged by HCL Workload Automation custom resource.
  3. If you see a message like:

    <time> ERR ITWSWorkstation <resource instance name>: SubmitTwsCommand: CreateProcessWithLogonW failed <TWS_HOME>\conman.exe> < start;noask> '1314'

    It means that the system error 1314, A required privilege is not held by the client, occurred launching the conman command.

  4. To solve the problem, you must give the cluster user sufficient privileges to allow custom resource instance to submit HCL Workload Automation command link.

To solve this problem, add the Replace a process level token right to the cluster administrator account (this is the name of the user you chose when you configured the cluster). To add this right to the Cluster Administrator account open Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Local Security Policy → Local Policies → User Rights Assignment and add the Cluster Administrator user account to the Replace a process level token security policy list. This right is required in order to enable the Cluster Administrator to act as the HCL Workload Automation user. In this way the HCL Workload Automation custom resource, that runs with the rights of the Cluster Administrator user, is able to stop, start, and link HCL Workload Automation. Reboot the cluster nodes to have this change take effect. This operation is required only the first time you configure HCL Workload Automation to work in the Windows cluster environment.

You must reboot the cluster nodes for this change to take effect.