HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Example 9: First installation of domain manager in Windows cluster environment, specifying generic options

About this task

First time installation of an HCL Workload Automation domain manager in a Windows cluster environment, specifying the kill and link generic options
twsClusterAdm.exe –new domain=MYDOM user=mytwsuser pwd=mytwspwd –res 
group=myresgroup ip=myip net=mynetname disk=mydisk 
opts=killjob;link=MASTERDM!MASTER; –dll
The command:
  • Configures HCL Workload Automation on all the nodes of the cluster.
  • Installs the new HCL Workload Automation Cluster resource type (named ITWSWorkstation) on all the nodes of the cluster.
  • Copies the ITWSResources.dll to the \%systemRoot%\cluster folder.
  • Creates an instance of the HCL Workload Automation Cluster resource type within the specified cluster group.
  • Adds a dependency from myip, mynetname, and mydisk to the resource.
  • Sets the generic options kill and link.

The link option specifies the parent domain of the domain manager, and the parent domain manager workstation, so that the installation process can correctly manage the unlinking and relinking required. If the link option is omitted, or supplied with incorrect values, the configuration cannot complete correctly. However, you do not need to repeat the installation to resolve the problem. Instead, go to the HCL Workload Automation resource instance property panel, and under the Parameters tab add the link in the genericOpts field. When you activate the cluster the information in the link option is used to complete the configuration.