HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Switching Domain Managers

In this scenario, the DB2® database is installed on a remote server and the DB2 administration client is installed on both nodes. The configuration is based on a Master installation on the first node and a Backup Master on the second one. Both nodes are connected to the same DB2 remote server.

No additional post-installation steps are required. You can left the stop_tws.sh script empty and create start_tws.sh from TWA_home/TWS/config/switch_tws.sh. In switch_tws.sh, you must set the DB2_INST_USER, DB2_INST_PASSWD, and TWS_DB variables.

The start_tws.sh script runs the switch manager command and, as an additional step, changes the workstation definition in DB2 in order to support more conveniently a switch that lasts longer than a production day.