HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Uninstalling HCL Workload Automation

About this task

The steps to remove the product must be launched from the same node that was used to install HCL Workload Automation and subsequent fix packs.

Complete the following procedure:
  1. Run the utility TwsClusterAdm –uninst. This utility removes the HCL Workload Automation services and registry keys from cluster nodes other than the current node. Optionally, use -host hostname1, hostname2 arguments to specify the remote nodes from which the HCL Workload Automation service must be removed. Do not specify the primary node where the HCL Workload Automation agent was installed, otherwise you will remove the original service and make the HCL Workload Automation agent unusable.
  2. Manually remove the HCL Workload Automation custom resource instance from the cluster group. You can use the Cluster Administrator console to do this.
  3. Optionally, deregister the resource type by using the command:
    cluster restype ITWSWorkstation /delete
    Note: Do not deregister the resource if instances are present in other cluster groups.
  4. Optionally, delete the DLL ITWSResources.dll from the installation directory (the default directory is \%systemRoot%\cluster).
To remove HCL Workload Automation from the current node, you can run the normal uninstallation program, see Planning and Installation Guide.