HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Upgrading cluster nodes automatically by using twsClusterUpg

Use the twsClusterUpg command to upgrade automatically HCL Workload Automation agents in a cluster-aware configuration, from V9.1 or later, to the general availability (GA) version of the product.

About this task

To perform the upgrade, run the following procedure:
  1. Ensure that your environment meets the prerequisites that are listed in Prerequisites.
  2. Move to the directory where you downloaded the images of the general availability (GA) version.
  3. On all the nodes you want to upgrade, run the twsClusterUpg script with Cluster Administrator and Domain Administrator rights by using the following syntax:
    cscript.exe twsClusterUpg.vbs 
    -groups <group1, ..., groupn>
    -passwords <pwd1, ..., pwdn> 
    group1, ..., groupn
    Specify the groups that you want to upgrade.
    pwd1, ..., pwdn
    Specify the password of the HCL Workload Automation user you had used to install the product in the group. Specify the passwords in the same order that you specify the groups.
    The script pauses all the nodes where HCL Workload Automation is installed and proceeds to upgrade the product group by group. If errors occur, analyze the %temp%\TWA\TWSClusterMainLog.txt file.

    Where %temp% is the temporary directory of the user that is running the twsClusterUpg command.

    The twsClusterUpg command runs the twsinst.vbs, the twspatch.vbs, and the twsClusterAdm.exe commands. If the TWSClusterMainLog.txt indicates that one of these commands fails, analyze the corresponding log for further details.

  4. Resume all the nodes of the cluster you upgraded, by running the following command against each node:
    cluster.exe node <node_name> /Resume 
    Where node_name is the name of the node you want to resume.
  5. Bring online the HCL Workload Automation resources on all the nodes, by running the following command against each resource:
    cluster.exe res <res_name> /Online 
    Where <res_name> is the name of the HCL Workload Automation resource.