HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Verifying a cluster configuration

After configuring a cluster, check the status of all resources.

About this task

Run the lssam command to list the defined resource groups, their members, and their operational state. The output looks like the following example, where:
  • The cluster contains two nodes, tws1 and tws2.
  • The domain manager and the dynamic workload broker component are hosted by node tws1.
  • The event processor is hosted by node tws2.
$ lssam
Online IBM.ResourceGroup:broker-rg Nominal=Online
        |- Online IBM.Application:broker-rs
                |- Online IBM.Application:broker-rs:tws1
                '- Offline IBM.Application:broker-rs:tws2
Online IBM.ResourceGroup:dm-rg Nominal=Online
        '- Online IBM.Application:dm-rs
                |- Online IBM.Application:dm-rs:tws1
                '- Offline IBM.Application:dm-rs:tws2
Online IBM.ResourceGroup:eWAS_tws1-rg Nominal=Online
        '- Online IBM.Application:eWAS_tws1-rs:tws1
Online IBM.ResourceGroup:eWAS_tws2-rg Nominal=Online
        '- Online IBM.Application:eWAS_tws2-rs:tws2
Online IBM.ResourceGroup:evtproc-rg Nominal=Online
        '- Online IBM.Application:evtproc-rs
                |- Offline IBM.Application:evtproc-rs:tws1
                '- Online IBM.Application:evtproc-rs:tws2
Online IBM.ResourceGroup:fta_tws1-rg Nominal=Online
        |- Online IBM.Application:mailman_tws1-rs:tws1
        '- Online IBM.Application:netman_tws1-rs:tws1
Online IBM.ResourceGroup:fta_tws2-rg Nominal=Online
        |- Online IBM.Application:mailman_tws2-rs:tws2
        '- Online IBM.Application:netman_tws2-rs:tws2