HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Configuring the integration with Tivoli Enterprise Portal

About this task

This section describes the steps you must perform to enable monitoring by the Tivoli Enterprise Portal.


  1. Check if a BmEvents.conf file already exists in the HCL Workload Automation home directory. If the file exists, rename it to BmEvents.conf.prev to maintain any existing customizations. Make a new copy of BmEvents.conf in the home directory which includes the existing customizations and then add the new values needed for the integration with the Tivoli Enterprise Portal. If the BmEvents.conf file is not found in the HCL Workload Automation home directory, then copy the <TWA_home>\config\BmEvents.conf (in Windows environments), or the <TWA_home>/OV/BmEvents.conf (in UNIX environments) is to the HCL Workload Automation home directory and update accordingly.
  2. Edit the BmEvents.conf file following the descriptions in The BmEvents.conf file.


When the Tivoli Enterprise Portal integration is enabled, for each production plan the HCL Workload Automation master domain manager logs events related to jobs and job streams in the specified event file. The Tivoli Monitoring agent for HCL Workload Automation retrieves the logged events from the event file. The monitored data is then passed by the Tivoli Monitoring agent for HCL Workload Automation to the Tivoli® Enterprise Monitoring Server and to the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server. The Tivoli Enterprise Portal Client displays the collected data.