HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Events displayed by Tivoli Enterprise Portal

About this task

Table 1 lists the events logged for the integration with Tivoli Enterprise Portal.
Note: The Tivoli Enterprise Portal console shows a maximum of 4500 events, meaning that when this limit is reached the oldest event is deleted and replaced by the latest event occurred. To keep a list of all the events that were shown, you must enable an History Collection on the Tivoli Monitoring agent for HCL Workload Automation.
Table 1. HCL Workload Automation engine event formats for Tivoli® Enterprise Portal
Event Number Description
mstJobAbend 101 Job abended
mstJobFailed 102 Job failed
mstJobLaunch 103 Job launched
mstJobDone 104 Job done
mstJobUntil 105 Job suspended until expired
mstJobSubmit 106 Job submitted
mstJobCancel 107 Job cancelled
mstJobReady 108 Job in READY status
mstJobHold 109 Job in HOLD status
mstJobRestart 110 Job restarted
mstJobCant 111 Job Failed
mstJobSuccp 112 Job Successful pending
mstJobExtrn 113 Job extern
mstJobIntro 114 Job in INTRO status
mstJobWait 116 Job in WAIT status
mstJobWaitd 117 Job in wait deferred status
mstJobSched 118 Job in scheduled status
mstJobLate 120 Job is late
mstJobUntilCont 121 Job UNTIL time expired with Continue option
mstJobUntilCanc 122 Job UNTIL time expired with Cancel option
mstJobMaxDurationExceededContinue 123 Job maximum duration exceeded, job continues to run
mstJobMaxDurationExceededKill 124 Job maximum duration exceeded, Kill action triggered
mstJobMinDurationNotReachedContinue 125 Job minimum duration not reached, job continues to run
mstJobMinDurationNotReachedAbend 126 Job minimum duration not reached, Abend action triggered
mstJobMinDurationNotReachedConfirm 127 Job minimum duration not reached, Confirm action triggered
mstJobRisklevelHigh 128 Critical job with risk level set to high
mstJobRisklevelPotential 129 Critical job with risk level set to potential
mstJobRisklevelNone 130 Critical job with risk level set to either high or potential that is then removed from the plan
mstJobPromoted 131 Job in a critical network, that has not yet started, approaches the critical start time and gets promoted so that additional operating system resources are assigned and the submission of the job is prioritized
mstJobSuppress 132 The job is suppressed when the conditional dependencies associated to the job's predecessors are not satisfied.
mstSchedAbend 151 Job stream abended
mstSchedStuck 152 Job stream is stuck
mstSchedStart 153 Job stream started
mstSchedDone 154 Job stream done
mstSchedUntil 155 Job Stream suspended, until time expired
mstSchedSubmit 156 Job stream submitted
mstSchedCancel 157 Job Stream cancelled
mstSchedReady 158 Job stream in READY status
mstSchedHold 159 Job stream in HOLD status
mstSchedExtrn 160 Job stream extern
mstSchedCnpend 161 Job Stream in CANCEL Pending status
mstSchedLate 163 Job Stream is late
mstSchedUntilCont 164 Job Stream Until time expired with continue option
mstSchedUntilCanc 165 Job Stream until time expired with cancel option
mstSchedSuppress 166 The job stream is suppressed when the conditional dependencies associated to the job stream's predecessors are not satisfied.
mstJobRecovPrompt 204 Job Recovery prompt issued
mstJobBound 308 For shadow jobs: the shadow job matched a remote job instance in the remote plan. For IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS agents: the job is on the JES queue.