HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

IBM Workload Scheduler/NetView configuration files

About this task

On each managed node (each node running a IBM Workload Scheduler/NetView agent), the selection of events and how they are reported is controlled by setting variables in two configuration files:
  • The BmEvents configuration file controls the reporting of job scheduling events (101-252 in Table 1) by the mailman and batchman production processes. These events are passed on to the agent, which might convert them to SNMP traps, depending on the settings in its configuration file.
  • The MAgent configuration file controls reporting by the IBM Workload Scheduler/NetView agent, magent. Events selected in this file are turned into SNMP traps, which are passed to NetView® by the IBM Workload Scheduler/NetView manager, mdemon, on the management node. The traps can also be processed by other network management systems.