HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Scanning system prerequisites for HCL Workload Automation

Before installing or upgrading the product, HCL Workload Automation automatically runs a scan on your system.

About this task

Having an environment that meets the product system requirements ensures that an installation or upgrade succeeds without any delays or complications.

The scan verifies that:
  • The operating system is supported for the product.
  • On UNIX operating systems, the necessary product libraries are installed.
  • There is enough permanent and temporary disk space to install both the product and its prerequisites.
  • There is enough memory and virtual memory.
Note: The scan verifies only that the environment meets the requirements of HCL Workload Automation. It does not check the requirements for other components, such as DB2®. To verify the requirements for Installation Manager use the procedure described in Scanning system prerequisites for Installation Manager.
If any of these checks fails, HCL Workload Automation performs the following action:
For all the components installed by using Installation Manager:
Displays a notification of the requirement that was not met. In this case, stop the installation or the upgrade, analyze the log files, solve the error, and rerun the installation or upgrade. If you are performing an interactive installation, the errors are displayed on the screen. If you are performing a silent installation, the errors are written in the Installation Manager log files. For more information about log files, see Installation Manager wizard, silent installation and uninstallation log files.
For agents
An error message is returned. In this case, analyze the log file, solve the error, and rerun the installation or upgrade. The log files are located:
On Windows operating systems:
On UNIX and Linux operating systems:

You can decide to rerun the installation or upgrade without executing the prerequisite scan. If you specify the -skipcheckprereq parameter, the twsinst installation script does not execute the prerequisite scan. If a problem occurs, an error is displayed, the agent is installed or upgraded, but might not work. For more information about the -skipcheckprereq option, see Agent installation parameters - twsinst script.

For a detailed list of supported operating systems and product prerequisites, see the System Requirements Document at https://workloadautomation.hcldoc.com/help/topic/com.hcl.wa.doc_9.4/distrDDguides.html.