HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Checking system prerequisites for the master domain manager

Before installing or upgrading the master domain manager, run a script that checks the system against the product system requirements.

About this task

When you run a silent installation, you must create a response file to use as input to the IBM® Installation Manager silent installation commands. The response file includes all the information required to run the installation without user intervention.

As a prerequisite step, specifically for the master domain manager silent installation, you can run a script that checks the system against the product system requirements to ensure a successful installation without delays or complications. The prerequisite check script checks requirements such as:
  • Supported operating system.
  • Sufficient RAM.
  • Sufficient swap file space.
  • Disk space for the creation of the installation, Jazz for Service Management, and temporary directories passed in input to the script.
Note: The scan verifies only that the environment meets the requirements of HCL Workload Automation. It does not check the requirements for other components, such as DB2®. To verify the requirements for Installation Manager use the procedure described in Scanning system prerequisites for Installation Manager.

For a detailed list of supported operating systems and product prerequisites, see the System Requirements Document at https://workloadautomation.hcldoc.com/help/topic/com.hcl.wa.doc_9.4/distrDDguides.html.

To run the prerequisite check script:


  1. Copy the script iwsPrereqCheck.bat or iwsPrereqCheck.sh and the Prerequisites folder from the eImage to a folder on the system where you plan to run the installation and ensure you have read, write, and execute permissions on the Prerequisites folder.
  2. Submit the script to run as follows:
    On Windows operating systems:
    Run the following command:
    iwsPrereqCheck.bat -instdir <TWA_HOME> -tmpdir <tmp>
    On UNIX or Linux operating systems:
    Run the following command:
    iwsPrereqCheck.sh -instdir <TWA_HOME> -tmpdir <tmp>
    Represents the product installation directory.
    Represents the temporary folder on the system where you are running the installation.


The results of the prerequisite check are written to a text file named, result.txt, located in the Prerequisites folder.

What to do next

Proceed to customize the response file and run the silent installation.