HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Generating the SQL files on Informix

To generate the SQL files, you use the customizeSQL script which is located in:
Where <images_dir> is the directory where you stored the product images.
To show command usage, run:
customizeSQL -usage
The script has the following syntax:
customizeSQL.sh -propertyFile <property_file>
Where <property_file> is the absolute path of the directory where the property file is located.
If you store the properties file in the /tmp/ directory, run:
customizeSQL.sh /tmp/customizeUnixIDSSql.properties
Note: The SQL files are created in the directory that you specified in the TWSTEMPDIR property of the configuration file. For more information about how to customize the property file, see Customizing the properties file for Informix Dynamic Server.