HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Installing DB2

Before installing a master domain manager or a dynamic domain manager you must install a database.

About this task

You can install DB2 in the following ways:
DB2® Enterprise Server Edition
A version of DB2 is bundled with the installation image. You can install DB2 in the following ways:
Install DB2 Server and the master domain manager on the same workstation.
Install DB2 Server on one workstation. DB2 client and the master domain manager or the dynamic domain manager on a different workstation. The advantage of this configuration is that you can easily switch between your master domain manager and its backup or switch between your dynamic domain manager or its backup, if necessary.

You can install DB2 manually.

To install DB2 manually, run the DB2 server or client installation program on the product image. The setup files for DB2 are on the product images as follows:
Table 1. DB2 Setup files
Operating System Setup file
AIX®, HP-UX/IA64, SunOS/SPARC, SunOS/SPARC64, all Linux operating systems DB2/server/db2setup
SunOS/AMD64 DB2/wse/db2setup
Windows/x86 and Windows/AMD64 DB2\SERVER\setup.exe