HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Registry file

On UNIX operating systems, when you install HCL Workload Automation using Installation Manager or the twsinst script, a check is performed to determine whether there are other HCL Workload Automation instances already installed. The TWSRegistry.dat file stores the history of all instances installed. On Windows operating systems, this file is stored under the system drive directory, for example, c:\WINDOWS\system32. On UNIX operating systems, this file is stored in the /etc/TWS path. The file contains the values of the following attributes that define a HCL Workload Automation installation:
Table 1. Registry file attributes
Attribute Value
PackageName The name of the software package used to perform the installation.
InstallationPath The absolute path of the HCL Workload Automation instance.
UserOwner The owner of the installation.
MajorVersion HCL Workload Automation version number.
MinorVersion HCL Workload Automation release number.
MaintenanceVersion HCL Workload Automation maintenance version number.
PatchVersion The latest product patch number installed.
Agent Any one of the following: standard agent, fault-tolerant agent, master domain manager.
FeatureList The list of optional features installed.