HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Scanning system prerequisites on IBM i systems

Scanning system prerequisites on IBM i systems

About this task

Before you install or upgrade the agent, HCL Workload Automation automatically runs a scan on your system. Having an environment that meets the product system requirements ensures that the installation or upgrade succeeds without any delays or complications.

The scan verifies that:
  • The operating system is supported for the product.
  • There is enough permanent and temporary disk space to install both the product and its prerequisites.
  • There is enough memory and virtual memory swap space.
Note: The scan verifies only that the environment meets the requirements of HCL Workload Automation.
If any of these checks fails, HCL Workload Automation performs the following action:
  • An error message is returned. Analyze the log file, solve the error, and rerun the installation or upgrade. The log file is in %TEMP%\TWA\tws94\result.txt
  • You can decide to rerun the installation or upgrade without executing the prerequisite scan. If you specify the -skipcheckprereq parameter, the twsinst installation script does not execute the prerequisite scan. For more information about the -skipcheckprereq option, see Agent installation parameters - twsinst script.

For a detailed list of supported operating systems and product prerequisites, see https://workloadautomation.hcldoc.com/help/topic/com.hcl.wa.doc_9.4/distrDDguides.html.