HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Scenario 2: Starting and stopping HCL Workload Automation processes

This scenario performs some basic administrative tasks. After each stop or start command, the status is displayed on the screen.

Scenario tasks and concepts:
  • Stopping and starting the HCL Workload Automation engine
  • Stopping and starting the event processor
  • Stopping and starting the monitoring agent
  • Viewing process status
Commands used in the scenario in their run sequence:
  1. "conman stop"
  2. "conman status"
  3. "conman start"
  4. "conman status"
  5. "conman stopevtproc" (stopeventprocessor)
  6. "conman startevtproc" (starteventprocessor)
  7. "conman sc" (showcpus)
  8. "conman stopmon;wait"
  9. "conman startmon"
  10. "conman sc" (showcpus)

For a detailed description of HCL Workload Automation processes and related commands, see the HCL Workload Automation: User's Guide and Reference.