HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Scenario 3: Scheduling basics, how jobs are scheduled, and run order of jobs

This scenario performs basic scheduling tasks by showing how you schedule jobs and how you manage the scheduling sequence.

Scenario tasks and concepts:
  • Running a job and a job stream on a workstation
  • Viewing job status
  • Viewing and changing the workstation limit
  • Understanding the concept and purpose of dependent job streams and run order (FOLLOWS)
  • Viewing dependency resolution during job runs
Commands used in the scenario in their run sequence:
  1. "conman ss @#SMPL_SCHED_3@" (showschedules)
  2. "composer disp sched=@SMPL_SCHED_3_0_2"
  3. "conman lc; 10;noask" (limit)
  4. "conman sc" (showcpus)
  5. "conman sj @#SMPL_SCHED_3_0_@.SMPL_JOB_3_0_@" (showjobs)
  6. "conman sj @#SMPL_SCHED_3_0_@.SMPL_JOB_3_0_@" (showjobs