HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Scenario 4: Advanced scheduling, dependencies from prompts, files, and resources

This scenario performs advanced scheduling tasks by showing different types of dependencies in action.

Scenario tasks and concepts:
  • Viewing and managing prompt dependencies
  • Viewing and managing resource dependencies
  • Viewing and managing file dependencies
  • Understanding resource contention between jobs
Commands used in the scenario in their run sequence:
  1. "composer disp sched= @#SMPL_SCHED_4@"
  2. "conman ss @SMPL_SCHED_4@" (showschedules)
  3. "conman sp @#SMPLPRM4" (showprompts)
  4. "conman reply SMLPRM4;y" (reply)
  5. "conman sp @#SMLPRM4" (showprompts)
  6. "conman sj @SMPL_SCHED_4_0_@.@" (showjobs)
  7. "conman sj @SMPL_SCHED_4_0_@.@" (showjobs)
  8. "conman sj @SMPL_SCHED_4_0_S.@" (showjobs)