HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Scenario 5: Time dependencies and run cycles

This scenario performs advanced scheduling using time dependencies and run cycles.

Scenario tasks and concepts:
  • Managing time limits such as AT time and UNTIL time
  • Releasing a time dependency
  • Using run cycles to plan scheduling activities
Commands used in the scenario in their run sequence:
  1. "conman sj @#SMPL_SCHED_5_0_@.SMPL_JOB_5_0_@" (showjobs)
  2. "conman ddj @#SMPL_SCHED_5_0_1.SMPL_JOB_5_0_1;at;noask" (deldep)
  3. "conman sj @#SMPL_SCHED_5_0_1.SMPL_JOB_5_0_1" (showjobs)
  4. "conman rj @#SMPL_SCHED_5_0_1.SMPL_JOB_5_0_2" (release)
  5. "conman sj @#SMPL_SCHED_5_0_1.SMPL_JOB_5_0_2" (showjobs)
  6. "conman ss @#SMPL_SCHED_5-@" (showschedules)