HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Overview of the scheduling scenarios

About this task

The following table describes the topics covered in each scenario. Each scenario is a separate script file.

You must run Scenario 1 first, but you can choose to run the other scenarios in any order.

Table 1. List of scheduling scenarios
Scenario name Script name Topics
Scenario 1 scenario1.0.bat (Windows)scenario1.0.sh (UNIX) Creating the production plan and viewing its contents
Note: This scenario is a prerequisite for all the other scenarios in your sequence.
Scenario 2 scenario2.0.bat (Windows)scenario2.0.sh (UNIX) Administrative commands: starting and stopping HCL Workload Automation processes
Scenario 3 scenario3.0.bat (Windows)scenario3.0.sh (UNIX) Scheduling basics: how jobs are scheduled, run order of jobs
Scenario 4 scenario4.0.bat (Windows)scenario4.0.sh (UNIX) Advanced Scheduling: prompt, file, and resource dependencies
Scenario 5 scenario5.0.bat (Windows)scenario5.0.sh (UNIX) Time dependencies and run cycles
Scenario 6 scenario6.0.bat (Windows)scenario6.0.sh (UNIX) Job submission (jobs, job streams, ad-hoc jobs)
Scenario 7 scenario7.0.bat (Windows)scenario7.0.sh (UNIX) Recovery options and recovery jobs
Scenario 8 scenario8.0.bat (Windows)scenario8.0.sh (UNIX) Event-driven scheduling
Scenario 9 scenario9.0.bat (Windows)scenario9.0.sh (UNIX) Using variable tables