HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Uninstalling agents on IBM i systems

Learn how to uninstall agents on IBM i systems.

To uninstall HCL Workload Automation agents on an IBM i system using the twsinst script, follow these steps:
  1. Ensure that all HCL Workload Automation processes and services are stopped, and that there are no active or pending jobs. For information about stopping the processes and services, see Administration Guide.
  2. Log on as QSECOFR and change your directory to /installation_dir/TWS. For example: /home/user1/TWS where user1 is the name of HCL Workload Automation user.
  3. From the Installation directory\TWS directory, run the twsinst script as follows:
    twsinst -uninst -uname username [-wait minutes]
    [-lang lang_id] [-work_dir working_dir]      
Uninstalls HCL Workload Automation.
-uname username
The name of the user for which HCL Workload Automation is uninstalled. This user name is not the same as the user performing the installation logged on as QSECOFR.
-wait minutes
The number of minutes that the product waits for jobs that are running to complete before starting the uninstallation. If the jobs do not complete during this intervals the uninstallation stops and an error message is displayed. Valid values are integers or -1 for the product to wait indefinitely. The default is 60 minutes.
-lang lang_id
The language in which the twsinst messages are displayed. If not specified, the system LANG is used. If the related catalog is missing, the default C language catalog is used.
-work_dir working_dir
The temporary directory used for the HCL Workload Automation installation process files deployment. If you do not manually specify a path, the path is set to /tmp/TWA/tws<version_number>.
The following example shows a twsinst script that uninstalls the HCL Workload Automation agent, originally installed for twsuser user:
On IBM i systems:
./twsinst -uninst -uname TWS_user