HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Sample scenarios

The sample scenarios describe various branch jobs, introducing the main concepts and explaining the branch job usage.

Each scenario is described according to the following structure:
  • Scenario usage.
  • Sample job stream definition.
  • Log of the generic branch job.
  • Parameters required to perform the branching.
  • How to place the job stream in the job stream and rename the child job names, if required.

A generic branch job based on the condition type differs from a generic branch job based on the action type as follows:

Specifies the criteria to determine the run branch (the jobs that must continue) and the stop branch (the jobs that must stop).
Specifies what to do on the run branch and stop branch. You can perform two types of actions on the stop branch and two types of actions on the run branch. In addition, there is one special signaling action.