HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Check file task (CF) extended agents only

About this task

The CF task requests the extended agent method to check the availability of a file on the external system. Before running the method, HCL Workload Automation establishes a run environment. The CFuser parameter is read from the method options file to determine the user account with which to run the method. If the parameter is not present or the options file does not exist, on UNIX the root user is used and, on Windows, the user name of the account in which HCL Workload Automation was installed is used. If the method cannot be run, the file opens dependency is marked as failed, that is, the file status is set to NO and any dependent job or job stream is not allowed to run.

Once it is running, the method runs a test command, or the equivalent, against the file using the qualifier passed to it in the -q command line option. If the file test is true, the method exits with an exit code of zero. If the file test is false, the method exits with a nonzero exit code. This is summarized in Table 1.
Table 1. Check file task (CF) messages
Task Method Response HCL Workload Automation Action
CF Exit code=0 Set file state to YES.
Exit code=nonzero Set file state to NO.
%UT [errormessage] and Exit code=2 Set file state to NO.

A method that does not support the CF task writes a %UT message to stdout and exits with an exit code of 2.