HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Configuring a network agent

About this task

Network agent workstations are defined as extended agents and require a hosting physical workstation and an access method. The access method for network agents is named netmth.

The batchman process on the master domain manager queries the netmth on the network agent at fixed time intervals to get the status of the remote predecessor job or job stream. You can customize the time interval between two consecutive checks by setting the global option bm check status in the localopts file on the master domain manager. The HCL Workload Automation continues checking until the remote job or job stream reaches the SUCC, CANCL, or ERROR state.

You must create an options file named netmth.opts on the workstation where the network agent runs. In this file are defined the user under which the access method runs and the time to wait to get a response from the access method before shutting it down. This options file must have the same path as the access method:
The content of the netmth.opts file has the following structure:
Is the login used to run the method. If the network agent's host is a Windows computer, this user must be defined in HCL Workload Automation.
Is the number of seconds, HCL Workload Automation waits for a response before shutting down the access method. The default setting is 300 seconds. The next time batchman needs to check the status of the remote predecessor job or job stream, the access method starts automatically.
Changes to this file do not take effect until you stop and restart HCL Workload Automation.