HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Configuring security

About this task

Each time you run an HCL Workload Automation program, or invoke an HCL Workload Automation command, security information is read from a special file, the Security file, to determine your user capabilities. This file contains one or more user definitions. A user definition is a group of one or more users who are either allowed or denied to perform specific actions against specific scheduling object types.

The main HCL Workload Automation user, TWS_user, is defined at installation time in the security file. That user ID can be used to complete the setup procedure, to set properties, and to manage user definitions inside the security file. You can modify the security file at any time to meet your system requirements.

For more information about managing user authorizations, refer to HCL Workload Automation: Administration Guide.