HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Domain definition

A domain is a group of workstations consisting of one or more agents and a domain manager. The domain manager acts as the management hub for the agents in the domain. You can include multiple domain definitions in the same text file, along with workstation definitions and workstation class definitions. Each domain definition has the following format and arguments:


domain domainname[descriptiondescription”]
    * manager workstation
     [parent domainname | ismaster]

[cpuname ...]

[cpuclass ...]

[domain ...]


domain domainname
The name of the domain. It must start with a letter, and can contain alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscores. It can contain up to 16 characters.
description “description
Provides a description of the domain. The text must be enclosed within double quotation marks.
* manager workstation
This is a commented field used only to show, when displaying the domain definition, the name of the workstation that has the role of domain manager for that domain. Make sure this field remains commented. It is kept for compatibility with earlier versions. With IBMIBM® Workload Scheduler version 8.3, the information about whether a workstation is a domain manager is set in the type field in the Workstation definition.
parent domainname
The name of the parent domain to which the domain manager is linked. The default is the master domain, which does not require a domain definition. The master domain is defined by the global options master and master domain.
If specified, indicates that the domain is the top domain of the HCL Workload Automation network. If set it cannot be removed later.


The following example defines a domain named east, with the master domain as its parent, and two subordinate domains named northeast and southeast:
domain east 
     description “The Eastern domain”
     * manager cyclops 
domain northeast 
     description “The Northeastern domain”   
     * manager boxcar    
     parent east 
domain southeast 
     description “The Southeastern domain”
     * manager sedan      
     parent east 

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