HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Enabling time zone management

About this task

You can enable or disable the management of time zones by modifying the setting assigned to the global option enTimeZone on the master domain manager using the optman command line. The setting takes effect after the next JnextPlan is run. These are the available settings:
Disable time zone management. This means that the values assigned to all timezone keywords in the definitions are ignored. All the at, until, and deadline time restrictions are managed individually by each fault-tolerant agent, including the master and the domain managers, thus ignoring the time zone of the agent scheduling the job or job stream. As a consequence, when different time zones are involved:
  • For jobs, incorrect information is displayed about these time dependencies when looked at from an agent other than the job owner. This has no impact however on the scheduling process of the job.
  • For job streams, the impact is that each agent processes the time dependencies by its own time zone, and therefore at different times, causing jobs of the same job stream, but defined on a different agent, to run at a different time.
Enable time zone management. This means that the values assigned to the timezone settings are used to calculate the time when the jobs and job streams run on the target workstations.
By default the enTimeZone option is set to yes.

For more details on how to use the optman command line to manage global options on the master domain manager, refer to the HCL Workload Automation Administration Guide.