HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

States of jobs defined in the EXTERNAL job stream

The status of the jobs defined in the EXTERNAL job stream is determined by the access method and listed in the Release Status field of the EXTERNAL job stream. The reported status refers to the last time the remote network was checked. Jobs might appear to skip states when states change in between two different checks.

All states for jobs and job streams, except FENCE, are listed. In addition to these there are three states that are specific to the EXTERNAL jobs, they are:
The corresponding job or job stream in the remote network has been cancelled.
An error occurred while checking for the remote status.
This is the initial state. If the job is not found in the remote network, it remains in EXTRN state.
Note: If you cancel in the local network the instances of jobs or job streams dependent on the same instance of a job or job stream defined in a remote network, make sure you manually cancel also the job, representing that internetwork dependency in the EXTERNAL job stream, to prevent the EXTERNAL job stream from being continuously carried forward.The same consideration applies when the local job stream dependent on the job or job stream defined in the remote network is not carried forward to the new plan.